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At Vintage Vanes, your happiness is our #1 priority!  If you receive our products and are not 100% “Over the Moon” with the hand-made craftsmanship, just reach out to us within 90 days and let us take care of it.  So hay Diddle Diddle, put down your fiddle and let us jump over the moon for you! Guaranteed!

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about us

Guiding the Wind of Artistry and Craftsmanship

Once upon a time in the picturesque town of Madison, Georgia, nestled amidst rolling hills and charming antebellum homes, a new company was born. It was called Vintage Vanes, and it was poised to become a testament to the beauty of fine artistry and craftsmanship.

Madison, often touted as one of the best small towns in America, served as the perfect backdrop for Vintage Vanes. Its historic streets, with meticulously preserved gardens and grand old homes, seemed like an eternal source of inspiration. In Madison, every corner whispered tales of a bygone era, where aesthetics and attention to detail were paramount. It was in this idyllic setting that Vintage Vanes was destined to flourish.

At the heart of this venture was the Nobles family, a family with an eye for beauty and a passion for preserving the past. The family had spent years admiring the intricate weathervanes that had adorned so many beautiful historic homes. These whimsical and functional pieces of art had always captured the families heart and imagination….

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Weathervane Artist